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KPMG's knowledge base of research to inform your most important business decisions.

KPMG Executive Education

KPMG Executive Education provides you with direct access to a variety of training programs designed to help you and key members of your organization address "skill gaps" in specific topics or remain current with continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

KPMG Institutes Network

By creating open forums where peers can exchange insights, share leading practices, and access the latest thought leadership, the KPMG Institute Network provides corporate executives, senior management, board members, industry leaders, government officials, academics, and other stakeholders with knowledge they can use to make informed decisions and meet their marketplace challenges.

Board Leadership Center

Engaging with directors and business leaders. Articulating boardroom challenges. Delivering actionable thought leadership—all through a board lens.

Financial Services Regulatory Insight Center

KPMG’s Financial Services Regulatory Insight Center is comprised of key industry practitioners and regulatory advisers from across KPMG’s U.S. and global network. These individuals work with engagement teams and clients to provide insights into the implications of regulatory changes, distill the impact of regulatory developments on clients’ businesses, and advise how to adapt.

Real Insights for the Financial Executive – October 2017 | Volume 37

"Real Insights for the Financial Executive" is a bimonthly bulletin providing the latest research, market trends, and analysis of key issues, which includes financial planning and analysis, market disruption, robotic process automation (intelligent automation), and omnichannel relevant to the financial executive.

Real Insights for CIOs

Research, analysis, news and events to help IT executives innovate and drive business growth.

Real Insights for CFOs

Research, analysis, news and events to help CFOs innovate and drive business growth.