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Restarting America

While work continues on the front lines to address the COVID-19 pandemic, attention is also focused on what happens on the other side of the “curve.” Specifically, public policymakers, government leaders, and medical professionals are beginning to consider how we restart society

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A catalyst for change for bank branches

Will the COVID-19 pandemic change the shape of bank branch networks?

Technology Innovation Hubs

The 2020 technology innovation hubs report reveals the cities and markets that over 800 global technology leaders ranked as the leading innovation centers. The report also outlines what executives and venture capitalists should understand about investing in tech hubs.

Banking – mitigating the downside of COVID-19’s economic impact

Like most industries around the world, the spread of COVID-19 is causing bank and non-bank financial service providers unprecedented challenges and disruptions, specifically to their ability to maintain operational efficiency, compliance program efficacy, and to protect customers (i.e., individuals and small businesses).

COVID-19: From reaction to recovery

KPMG Banking and Capital Markets leaders review current and long-term challenges that banks have encountered and will continue to face since the COVID-19 outbreak.Listen to the podcast

COVID-19: Impacts on the Banking Industry

A discussion about the workforce, technology & operations, and credit impacts banks are facing under the new normal

COVID-19: The new M&A landscape in banking.

A discussion about the current and future M&A landscape and the types of banks that are most likely to be hardest hit as the COVID-19 crisis continues

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