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A digital decree: Reinventing the banking industry in real-time

Customers are demanding greater digital access than ever before. Now is the time for banks to radically rethink their business model and accelerate the digitization process.

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How payment players can optimize multi-scenario planning

COVID-19 is impacting the payments industry in profound ways and requires indicative data-driven scenario planning in order to compete and win.

Mid-year outlook | Ten key regulatory challenges of 2020

Increased levels of impact and risk will affect all financial services companies, making KPMG’s new point-of-view document a way to spark action in areas of needed preparedness now, in 2021 planning, and beyond.

Road to new reality: Operational Resilience: Securing the banking and capital markets from

Cyber responses to COVID-19 are coalescing around four phases: reaction, resilience, recovery, and the new reality. Within each phase there are distinct nuances to the security needs of the enterprise.

The Road to New Reality: CECL Modeling during (and after) COVID-19

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of a CECL modeling process and methodology that performs strongly during both stable times and edge cases.

Consumers and the new reality

Globally, a new consumer is emerging — one that is financially constrained, more advanced in their use of digital technologies, more thoughtful and selective in their decision-making, and keen to see COVID-19 as an opportunity to reset values in the world.

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