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Regulatory Insights

Regulation continues to drive the strategic agenda. Implementation of complex changes over extended timescales, with other proposals in the pipeline, is forcing firms to change the way they operate and address fundamental issues around profitability and future plans.

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Research, analysis, news and events to help IT executives innovate and drive business growth.

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Highlights top-of-mind issues for tax executives.

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Leading ideas for navigating the evolving workplace, managing talent, and positioning HR as a source of innovation.

Directors Quarterly

Highlights and excerpts from recent Board Leadership Center publications and interviews, as well as critical information from across KPMG specifically for audit committee members and the full board.

On the 2020 board agenda

Eight items for boards to consider as they focus their 2020 agendas on the critical challenges at hand and on the road ahead.

KPMG Executive Education

KPMG Executive Education provides you with direct access to a variety of training programs designed to help you and key members of your organization address "skill gaps" in specific topics or remain current with continuing professional education (CPE) requirements.

KPMG Institutes Network

By creating open forums where peers can exchange insights, share leading practices, and access the latest thought leadership, the KPMG Institute Network provides corporate executives, senior management, board members, industry leaders, government officials, academics, and other stakeholders with knowledge they can use to make informed decisions and meet their marketplace challenges.

Board Leadership Center

Engaging with directors and business leaders. Articulating boardroom challenges. Delivering actionable thought leadership—all through a board lens.

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Research, analysis, news and events to help IT executives innovate and drive business growth.

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Research, analysis, news and events to help CFOs innovate and drive business growth.