Episode 10: The voice behind CHIchat

Who is our podcast host, Peter Roehmholdt? We get into his KPMG career, learnings from our nine previous podcast guests and when opportunity knocks, he says YES!

Podcast overview

To mark our 10th CHIchat podcast, Nicole Benner, a director with our Ignition Center-Chicago, interviews our very own podcast host, Peter Roehmholdt, an Advisory manager!

Just who is our podcast host, Peter? We get into it from the beginning - when he was a KPMG intern - through his many twists and turns in Audit and Advisory - and his hopes and dreams for a top job one day. Peter also shares what’s he learned from interviewing our nine podcast guests and why, when opportunity knocks (like being the podcast host), he absolutely says YES!

For more information or to be considered as a guest, please contact Erin Bailey.