222-17 (RHC)

KPMG’s Compu-Max Medicare cost reporting software tools embody these characteristics and clearly define Compu-Max as the leader in the marketplace.

222-17 Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

Regulatory Compliance

Compu-Max/222-17 system completes the Electronic Cost Report, required for Independent Rural Health Clinics. The system is approved by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Significant advantages

¨ Competitive pricing: Compu-Max products may be licensed for an annual fee for single providers. We also offer a multiple-provider discount structure for chains or other multiple-facility users. Please see our Price List for pricing information.

¨ Compu-Max/222-17 completes Form CMS-222-17, the Medicare Cost Report for RHCs. The system calculates the cost report in accordance with instructions  found in CMS Publication 15-2, Chapter 46.

¨ Expandable – expands up to the full amount of cost centers, reclassifications, and adjustments that CMS allows.

¨ Intuitive –  displays and inputs like a spreadsheet.

¨ Flexible - prints specific worksheets or the entire cost report. The system offers on-line viewing, allowing users to conserve paper until the cost report is finalized.

¨ Fast - performs a full edit and recalculation of the cost report in less than a second.

¨ Extendable –allows users to set up “batch” mode processes, including automated downloads and conversions of general ledger data, using the G/L conversion toolkit bundled with the software.

¨ Compliant - applies extensive data validation edits to ensure that your cost report meets CMS’s requirements, both for hard copy and ECR submission.

¨ Easy To Use - first-time users will find that Compu-Max/222-17 is quickly learned. Spreadsheet input/display replicates the CMS form and is based on an Excel spreadsheet. The system also offers a Help feature that includes CMS instructions.