224-14 (FQHC)

KPMG’s Compu-Max Medicare cost reporting software tools embody these characteristics and clearly define Compu-Max as the leader in the marketplace.

224-14 Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC)

(FQHC for fiscal year beginnings on/after 10/1/2014)

Regulatory Compliance

Compu-Max/214-14 system completes the Electronic Cost Report, required for freestanding Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to submit cost reports to CMS for fiscal years beginning on or after October 1, 2014.  The system will be approved by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before distribution.


Significant advantages

¨      Competitive pricing: Compu-Max products may be licensed for an annual fee for single providers. We also offer a multiple-provider discount structure for chains or other multiple-facility users. Please see our Price List for standard pricing.

¨      Compu-Max/214-14 completes Form CMS-224-14, the Medicare Cost Report for FQHCs with fiscal year beginnings on/after 10/1/2014.  The system calculates the cost report in accordance with the instructions that will be found in CMS Publications 15-2, Chapter 44.

¨      Expandable –dynamic expansions up to CMS specifications for cost centers, adjustments, other descriptions, etc.

¨      Intuitive – based on spreadsheet technology, Excel users will be immediately familiar with functionality, including cut/paste, navigation, entry, etc.

¨      Flexible - prints specific worksheets or the entire cost report.  The system offers on-line viewing, allowing users to conserve paper until the cost report is finalized.

¨      Fast - performs a full edit and recalculation of the cost report in less than a second.

¨      Extendable – Compu-Max/224-14 componentized design allows users to easily set up “batch” mode processes, including automated downloads and conversions of general ledger data, using the G/L conversion toolkit available upon request.

¨      Compliant - applies extensive data validation edits to ensure that your cost report meets CMS’s requirements, both for hard copy and ECR submission.

¨      Edits – all CMS edits are performed.  All displayed edits include hyperlinks to navigate directly to the cause of the edit.

¨      Easy To Use - first-time users will find that Compu-Max/214-14 is quickly learned.  The system features a data entry spreadsheet that closely replicates the Medicare cost reporting forms.  The system also offers a Help feature that includes the CMS cost reporting instructions.