ProPapers - Cost Report Preparation & Workpaper Tool

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Medicare Cost Report Preparation and Workpaper Tool

ProPapers is a provider cost report preparation and work paper documentation tool. This system will enable the user to electronically complete various lead schedules and work papers for grouping data, complete sections of the cost report, reformat completed sections into the Compu-Max datafile, and maintain work paper storage in PDF format.

The screen below illustrates some of the features of this system.

The functions include:

1. Provider Data Files: Identification of key data files needed by various functions of this software. These include general ledger/working trial balance data spreadsheets, GL map files, PS&R reconciliation files, Compu-Max files, and other key data sources.

2. Team Members: Primarily used by chain organizations, this function enables those ultimately responsible for the preparation of the cost report to identify members of the team assigned responsibility in key areas, including home office personnel, specific hospital personal, IT liaisons, etc. This screen includes identification of the team member’s areas of responsibility, phone number(s), email address, and other key information.

3. Cost Report Preparation: This is the key screen in the preparation of the cost report. It brings together each of the areas to be completed for the cost report along with applicable Compu-Max tools, spreadsheets/work papers, and reference material. The screen on the following page illustrates this function:

To work on a specific cost report area, click the select field to the left of the item, then click the desired command button at the bottom to jump to Compu-Max/2552-10 or Compu-Max/PS&R, import GL Data for review or import prior year data. Click the "Comments" command button to add commentary that describes the process, problem areas, problem resolution, or key explanations for reviewers or future cost report preparers. Click the "Workpapers" command button to jump to Excel templates, Word documents or Adobe PDF’s set up to assist the preparer in that specific area of the cost report.

The index of cost report areas can be tailored so just the service offerings of the provider are displayed.

For A-6 reclassifications and A-8 adjustments, default accounts and/or departments can be identified for easy completion of these worksheets.

For A-8-1 adjustments include interfaces to the home office cost report as well as intercompany transfer data.

4. Documents: This function enables the preparer to identify the workpapers and documents that should be included in the work paper package, including general ledger, PS&R summary or detail reports, and other scanned or electronically created documents. 

5. Cost Report Tools: Use this screen to jump to any of several Compu-Max tools, including Compu-Max/PS&R, Compu-Max/GME, HARP Audit Adjustment program (for checking the impact of audit adjustments after completion of the MAC settlement), CHIP(Compu-Max Hospital Information Profiler for ad hoc extraction of cost report data), and a comparative analysis report of several years cost reports to identify variances in key cost report amounts from one year to the next.

6. Preview/Print/Store: This function is for reviewing, printing or saving completed ProPapers documents. Each selection is converted to an Adobe PDF for review and printing. The selection of many documents will enable the system to create a "Master PDF" of all documents for easy electronic storage. This file is bookmarked for easy access and retrieval of any document in the "Master PDF".

Various reports are available for data review and modification. These include Worksheet A Expense groupings, Worksheet C Revenue Groupings, home office analysis for inclusion of data for related party adjustments or wage index, working trial balance data extractions, specific reports for the HHA or SNF component, and many others.

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