KPMG’s Compu-Max Medicare cost reporting software tools embody these characteristics and clearly define Compu-Max as the leader in the marketplace.


Individual Training Services

KPMG provides training services, including Compu-Max software training or cost report overview, through on-site training sessions. These training sessions are held at the client site and are designed to provide the client with a basic knowledge and understanding of the Medicare cost report.

  • Compu-Max User Training
  • Cost Report Overview

Compu-Max User Training

The objective of the Compu-Max software training is to familiarize your staff with the cost reporting software, including input, calculating, and printing reports

  • One-day training session
  • Tailored to the client needs
  • Hard copy of training materials provided to participants

Cost Report Overview

The objective of the cost report overview is to familiarize your staff with the forms and instructions for the Medicare cost report. This includes reviewing internal and external sources used in the preparation of the report (general ledgers, PS&Rs, expense and revenue lead schedules, bad debt listings, etc.) and a basic understanding of the forms completed.

  • One-day overview session
  • Tailored to the client needs
  • Covers:
    • CMS cost report worksheets
    • Cost-based issues
    • Medicare audit issues
      • Wage Index
      • Bad Debts
      • GME
  • Hard copy of training materials provided to participants

This overview is designed to familiarize the participant with the basic requirements of the cost report. Due to the lengthy and detailed cost reporting requirements, this overview alone will not provide all the training necessary for those not already familiar with cost report preparation and reimbursement issues.

Fees will vary, based upon scope of training requested, number of attendees, and travel expenses.


Joe Sellars - Jacksonville, FL (904) 350-1234
Don Fry - Los Angeles, CA (213) 955-8405