Process automation

KPMG provides process automation solutions that span from strategy to execution.

IT and business teams faced with the urgent need to innovate, while optimizing processes and reducing costs, are increasingly turning to Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to increase their speed of delivery. To respond faster to business and customer needs, today’s organizations need more configurable applications utilizing a modern BPM platform with easy-to-use graphical tools to model and automate processes.

KPMG provides Process Automation Solutions that span from strategy to execution, including vendor selection, proof-of-concept and prototyping, requirements and analysis, solution design, and implementation. We can provide innovative business applications for global clients that harness the power of social collaboration, mobility, enterprise data and analytics, and cloud computing technologies.

Having a deeper understanding of strategic business drivers, key performance metrics, and automation opportunities within existing processes can help your organization achieve process efficiencies, reduce cycle times, increase process visibility, and reduce maintenance costs -- while establishing an agile platform for continuous process improvement.

KPMG works with clients to transform existing processes and information systems into new and improved business capabilities. Our teams can assist you in responding quickly to business and customer needs through software that emulates human actions on the user interface, emphasizes human intelligence through autonomic and cognitive solutions, and embraces disruptive technologies such as Robotic Process Automation. We can help you:

  • Enhance your IT responsiveness, as well as business performance, through fresh integration approaches and technologies
  • Create a base of institutionalized knowledge and methods to enable continuous improvement, performance gains, and consistency
  • Reduce time spent on mundane, repetitive, rule-based tasks and enable employees to focus on more value added tasks

Our team offers experience with a number of leading technology platforms to help enable process automation. Our services include:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Intelligent automaion
  • Cloud integration

Whether your organization is undergoing a business transformation or continuous process improvement initiative, looking at process as an asset, or implementing BPM solutions to manage change effectively, KPMG can help. We work every day with IT teams facing the urgent need to innovate, while optimizing processes and reducing costs. We’re designing and implementing future-state technology programs for our clients to address these key business issues quickly and efficiently. Contact us to learn more.

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