Timothy Graham

Director, Corporate Communications


Tim joined KPMG in 2004 after more than 25 years as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines across the country, including editor-in-chief of the Oakland Tribune and founding editor of TechWeek, a Silicon Valley business magazine. He covered four presidential campaigns, was a political columnist at the Dallas Times-Herald and authored a book, Back Home, chronicling the rebirth of the Cleveland Browns NFL franchise in 1999.

He began his KPMG career in Marketing as editorial director of a pursuit team for the firm’s most significant business opportunities before moving to Internal Communications as the first editor of KPMG Today, the firm's online daily newspaper on the corporate Intranet, which he directed for 10 years. He launched KPMG Today on the Global Portal in 2009 and in 2010 helped our member firm in Canada introduce its version of KPMG Today.

In 2014, Tim was asked to find little-known facts about KPMG’s history. His research provided the foundation for the launch of KPMG’s higher purpose initiative, including the video, “We Shape History.” The video highlighted dramatic, largely forgotten stories about KPMG’s role in historic events: managing the Lend-Lease Act during WWII, setting the stage for the release of U.S. hostages in Iran in 1981 and certifying the election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 1994.

Over the past 18 months, Tim has written or played a key supporting role in more than 40 bylined and op-ed articles, including two in the Harvard Business Review.

Timothy Graham

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