Atif Zaim

Customer & Operations Services Line Leader


What can I do for you?

Whether you’re looking to change your front office to better serve your customers, transform your business support functions through technology, or implement a new operating model, I will ensure we have the right team focused in the right way with the right direction to deliver the right solution.

Through my decades of experience in the financial services industry, I have learned what's critical to get right at the beginning, the middle, and the end of transformations. I will work with all your team members, from the C-suite to the cubicle level, engaging at the detailed or the summary level as needed.

Three recent engagements

  • In the face of a major financial services industry merger, the new entity needed to integrate and significantly change its key organizational functions, processes, and technologies. I led this engagement, working side-by-side with C-suite stakeholders and line managers, in revamping the organizational structure and assuring a smooth transition to new technologies. We guided this bank into its combined organization on schedule and successfully mitigated transition risks.
  • One of the largest financial institutions in the nation had just seen its market capitalization fall significantly due to a misreported capital number in its financial statements. For this brief but urgent and intense engagement, I led a team that examined processes and data to determine whether this was a systemic problem or one-time error. I interfaced with the CEO and his management team, board members, and regulators to confirm they were comfortable with our process and trusted our results. The incident and our work also helped everyone concerned better appreciate the importance of regulatory capital in financial reporting.
  • Improving the customer experience, while reducing the cost of serving retail banking customers, was the objective for one of the largest financial services companies in the U.S. As the executive sponsor for this engagement, I helped guide the implementation of an artificial intelligence solution in order to provide a human-like customer service interface to those interacting with the company. As this engagement was putting AI into an operational environment, I took a keen interest in not only the technology deployed but also the impact and change on the client employees who needed to work with the new system.  I oversaw the teams that drove this change, and ensured the client received the best that both KPMG and our technology alliance partners businesses deliver.
Atif Zaim

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