KPMG Ignition

KPMG Ignition

Working with you and your team, we help you proactively plan for disruption, exploring fresh insights, new business models, and breakthrough solutions. Our network of innovation capabilities can help you:

Discover insights on signals of change impacting your business, envisioning strategies to innovate, compete, and win

Design bold scenarios with state-of-the art technologies that allow you to visualize and interact with your data

Deliver solutions that address your complex business issues and align to your changing business model

With locations that span the United States and KPMG International member firms, we invite you to experience KPMG Ignition in all of its dimensions:

Innovation Labs
at KPMG Ignition

Make innovation happen from signals to action

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Insights Center
at KPMG Ignition

Experience data in action and understand its business implications

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Technology Solutions
at KPMG Ignition

Deliver game-changing solutions to power your company’s performance

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Predicting a path to the new reality: Industry and sector dynamics

Although companies will experience similar overall trajectories, we predict the impact will differ by industry, geography and company


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KPMG Ignition - Virtual

Helping to jump-start your business


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Business as unusual

How innovators can help their organizations navigate uncertain times


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KPMG Ignition Center — Chicago

This is how KPMG sees the future. 

Our Ignition Centers are where disruption becomes opportunity.


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Bursting explosion of colorful powder with dust and symmetry.

Solving our clients' most complex issues

Where disruption becomes opportunity
KPMG Ignition Centers facilitate new ways of working with one another and our clients. They serve as a space to collaborate and demonstrate our most innovative solutions.

Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan

Vice Chair, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, KPMG US

+1 212-909-5847
Fiona Grandi

Fiona Grandi

Partner, Innovation at KPMG Ignition, KPMG US

+1 415-963-7812


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