Innovation Lab at KPMG Ignition
Innovation Lab at KPMG Ignition

Innovation Lab at KPMG Ignition

We provide insights on signals of change, so you can understand and plan for what’s coming around the corner.

Make innovation happen – from signals to action

Through our Innovation Labs in the U.S. and KPMG international member firms, we provide insights on signals of change from an outside-in perspective so you can understand and plan for what’s coming around the corner. Working with organizational leaders in an immersive process, we apply design thinking for business model innovation to drive from signals to action.

Our diverse team brings strong capabilities in design thinking, trends research, customer insights, technology innovation, and investment analyses. We can help you:

  • Understand from an outside-in perspective the signals of change that could lead to disruption
  • Identify business model disruption and innovation opportunities
  • Accelerate your organization’s ability to drive from market signals, to hypotheses, to action
  • Drive innovation and make the right investments to unlock sustainable value

How the Lab works

Through immersive experiences, we help you address key business challenges and opportunities relating to:

  • Changing customer and employee demographics, behaviors, and expectations,
  • Disruptive technologies challenging existing business models,
  • Rapidly changing competitive landscapes, including emerging competitive threats/market entrants from nontraditional industries and the investments they are making.
  • Growing dominance of platform business models, and
  • Competing in a market of constant change and disruption, with an accelerated time horizon of impact.

Our capabilities

  • Signal sensing as a service: Help organizations see what other organizations don’t by helping to identify relevant signals and consider their potential business impacts based on KPMG’s proprietary research and insights, outside-in signal sensing, and design thinking approaches, which are aligned to KPMG Strategy’s 9 Levers of Value.

  • Business model innovation: In collaboration with KPMG Strategy, help assess and redesign an organization’s business model based on KPMG’s proprietary human centered design framework that prioritizes investments and activities using an outside-in perspective. Working alongside our clients, we gather innovation and customer intelligence, prioritize opportunity areas, and conceptualize and prototype a variety of operating model scenarios. Our approach is designed to create organizational alignment and build the culture and momentum required for lasting change.

  • Connecting corporates with startups: In collaboration with Deal Advisory, help corporations align with the right startup partners through services that include startup scanning, immersive vetting, and innovation strategy and integration services. The results are better strategic investment decisions and a roadmap for integration.

  • Building innovation and investment capabilities: Help assess current innovation and investment capabilities within the context of the industry and business and then help plan, design and implement an integrated innovation and investment capability that addresses vision, structure, processes, and management/governance. We apply a proprietary framework for innovation, aligned to KPMG Strategy’s 9 Levers of Value.

  • U-Collaborate to align, mobilize, and drive accelerated design: U-Collaborate is our tested facilitation methodology to enable stakeholder alignment, mobilization, and accelerated design across a function, business unit or enterprise.

Client stories

 Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Key challenges

Operating in a dynamically changing environment with numerous disruptive forces (e.g. Internet of Things, Digital, Cyber), the client wanted to enhance its innovation and investment capabilities to better identify, assess, develop and commercialize new opportunities and address disruptive threats.


We helped design and build a new innovation and corporate venture capital investment capability, including the design and implementation of the innovation vision, structure, process, and governance, as well as signals scanning for disruptive forces.


Our client was able to accelerate the establishment of innovation and investment capabilities, increasing the likelihood for success in the long term.


Consumer Products Manufacturer


Key challenges

Disruptive forces were impacting our client's industry, and they wanted to understand and assess signals of change, as a key input to a strategy refresh project.


We provided 'signals scanning' from an outside-in perspective drawing upon our extensive consumer and retail research. Key client leaders were immersed in external industry trends, discussions regarding “so-what,” and implications of trends reshaping the Consumer Products industry (from customer, consumer and competitor perspectives).


Our accelerated analysis and insights on changing business models were synthesized to inform the client's strategy refresh project.


Asset Management Company


Key challenges

Changing consumer behaviors and the emergence of platform business models are impacting our client's industry, and they wanted to understand and assess signals of change, and develop a platform strategy.


In collaboration with KPMG Strategy, we conducted a Platform Model Assessment, and in our Phase 1 approach, leveraged key market/competitive insights and design thinking lenses that led to ideation of product and services, identification of required capabilities, and formulation of a value proposition.


Due to our extensive consumer research and insights on platform business models, we helped accelerate the client’s analysis, providing them with an outside-in perspective on signals of change, coupled with an ability to drive from signals to action.

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