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KPMG is proud to join the greater Orlando and Lake Nona communities with the development of KPMG Lakehouse, a professional learning, development and innovation center. For us at KPMG, this investment is a symbol of our firm’s commitment to lifelong learning and development. It’s here that we’ll continue to nurture the spirit of innovation that’s a cornerstone of our rich culture and heritage.

KPMG Lakehouse is scheduled to open in January 2020. At that point, we anticipate up to 800 KPMG partners and professionals will visit Lakehouse each week for hands-on, collaborative learning experiences. We aspire to be a vibrant and active part of the central Florida region. While the facility is privately owned and will not be open to the public, we look forward to finding ways to connect and engage with the community, especially with regard to hiring local talent for Lake Nona-based job opportunities.


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The KPMG Lakehouse Experience

What Lakehouse means to us.

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KPMG Lakehouse is being built with sustainability in mind. We are following the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines as a framework and with a goal to achieve LEED Silver certification. Our firm is committed to operating on 100% renewable energy in 2020.



A View from Above

Fly with our drone and watch KPMG Lakehouse come to life.


The KPMG Lakehouse experience 

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Community relations

We are committed to becoming an active contributing neighbor in Lake Nona. If you have a question or would like updates on our progress, please contact Joan Bissell.

Media inquiries

As we move closer to our anticipated opening in January 2020, all KPMG Lakehouse media inquiries should be sent directly to Matthew Gomez.


The opening of Lakehouse will create a variety of career opportunities within the Lake Nona community. We expect to open about 75 KPMG positions, and we anticipate that Hyatt, our Lakehouse manager, will open approximately 300 more jobs as part of their operations staff.