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KPMG Lakehouse, our cultural home, opened its doors in January of 2020 in Lake Nona, Florida. KPMG Lakehouse represents an investment in KPMG’s most valuable asset and biggest point of pride: our people. Our people--their skills, talent, diversity, commitment, and relationships--are what make KPMG what it is. KPMG Lakehouse is a purpose-built state-of-the-art, learning and innovation center, reflecting our rich 125-year history while bringing in new diversity of thought, perspectives, and backgrounds with each learner who comes through the doors. Spending time at KPMG Lakehouse is already a keystone experience for so many of our professionals and we will continue to welcome more over the course of the next year and beyond. KPMG Lakehouse is where our professionals meet, learn, recharge, give back to the community, and most importantly, KPMG Lakehouse is where our KPMG professionals grow.

An investment in our people

Lakehouse is built for our people to be inspired, recharge, connect, and focus on new challenges and opportunities. It is where our heritage meets our future. Professionals come to Lakehouse to invest time in their professional development, spark innovation, foster new relationships, learn from each other, focus on their health and well-being, and see firsthand our values in action. Most importantly, Lakehouse was designed to ensure we arm our professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to act boldly, and help clients meet the challenges of a dynamic marketplace. Lakehouse is more than just a destination—it is where we are building the future of our firm.

Paul Knopp, Chair and CEO
Laura Newinski, Deputy Chair and COO


An experience like no other

A place to be your best self

KPMG Lakehouse was built to support our greatest differentiator—our people. Our people differentiate us as a firm and allow us to excel in today’s dynamic and global marketplace. By providing a space for them to learn, innovate, spark curiosity, and strengthen our culture, we are investing in the future of KPMG. 

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A place to connect

Partners and Employees


Experienced and Senior Talent

A look at gender diversity on boards, efforts to accelerate the pace of progress, investor and proxy advisor views, and recommendations for boards.




KPMG LAKEHOUSE COVID-19 UPDATE Given the current trajectory of the virus, none of our employees will be required to return to a KPMG office, client site, or Lakehouse before September 2021. We care for our people and are committed to their safety and health, while reassuring transparency and generating enthusiasm for our return to Lakehouse.

Community relations

Please contact Sherry Magee for inquiries.

Media inquiries 

Please send questions and requests to Ichiro Kawasaki.


KPMG Lakehouse is already having a positive economic impact on central Florida. Lakehouse opened with 80 KPMG professional positions and approximately 375 more jobs managed by Hyatt as part of the Lakehouse operations staff.


KPMG New CEO Chairman

Paul Knopp

U.S. Chair and Chief
Executive Officer, KPMG US

+1 847-612-3437

KPMG New CEO Chairman

Laura M. Newinski

Deputy Chair and Chief
Operating Officer, KPMG US

+1 212-954-6528

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