Commitment to community at KPMG Lakehouse

Together, for better 

A commitment to our values 

KPMG’s values are at the core of all that we do. Our people work Together, For Better each day to make measurable, sustainable and transformational differences in our communities. Through a variety of initiatives, KPMG empowers our people and community members to make an impact locally and nationally.
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Cultivating a love of learning

Education is life-changing and world-changing. We envision a world in which all individuals have equitable access to transformative education opportunities. At KPMG, lifelong learning means advancing knowledge and skills at all stages of life. At the heart of our lifelong learning strategy is the KPMG Family for Literacy program, a collaboration with First Book to put new books in the hands of children in need.

Living our values

Our ability to respond to the needs of communities brings KPMG values to life every day. When the local Ronald McDonald House suspended its Share a Meal volunteer program that provides meals to families staying in the house, KPMG quickly organized to meet the need. The KPMG Lakehouse team provided meals to feed approximately 100 families per day for local Ronald McDonald Houses.

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Investing in future generations

Volunteering at KPMG Lakehouse is making a difference for future generations in the Central Florida community. The KPMG Family for Literacy program provides new books and supplies to students in Orange and Osceola County public schools. In addition, KPMG is tackling student hunger on college campuses and supplying meals to area public school pantries through our work with Pack Shack.

Creating hope and healing

KPMG, in collaboration with Stars of Hope, enables KPMG volunteers to create hope and healing to victims of natural and manmade disasters. Throughout the U.S., the stars have special meaning for recipient communities and families who are dealing with the long-term effects of trauma.

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Community impact report

As the world continues to navigate new challenges and adapt to new realities KPMG has remained committed to serving our communities and supporting our people. Learn why KPMG is recognized by Points of Light as one of the most community-minded companies in the U.S. and how KPMG has put our values in action in our 2020 report, Resilience and Impact.

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