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The KPMG experience, diversity, culture, and history—it’s all here at KPMG Lakehouse along with transformative learning and professional development experiences. Executive talent can engage in activities to solidify their legacy at KPMG, and can realize our promise to provide lifelong learning and career advancement.
Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be inspired

KPMG Lakehouse is a place for learning and development like you’ve never seen before. From its spectacular vistas to its activated corridors that highlight the firms history and culture, every inch of KPMG Lakehouse was built with you in mind. Connect and collaborate with peers, and prepare to meet new challenges with greater passion and purpose. Executive talent, along with the most senior teams, will be inspired to pursue unconventional ideas and novel solutions to take KPMG to the next level.

Be an innovator

KPMG Lakehouse is a place for transformation and innovation, and we leverage the talent of our people in tangible ways to benefit both internal teams and clients. Harness the power of self-discovery as you connect and share stories, diverse perspectives, and varied experiences. Be an innovator at our Ignition Center, where you meet with clients to explore potential disruptors, new business models, and breakthrough solutions. Build rapport and tighten bonds with teams and clients throughout the firm.

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be challenged

Build skills, develop new capabilities, and chart your short-term and long-term success at KPMG Lakehouse. Collaborate in learning sessions in state-of-the-art spaces led by subject matter professionals using the latest innovation technologies and immersive learning techniques. Be part of our Heads Up culture—a central tenet that guides how we live and work.

Be engaged

Start your day with a class at STRETCH. Run or bike ride along beautifully designed KPMG Lakehouse paths. Enjoy breakfast conversations at The Exchange before you begin your learning. In addition to its spectacular vistas, KPMG Lakehouse offers more than 55 acres of varied recreational amenities that focus on your health and well-being.

Be inspired at Lakehouse

John Henkel

Senior Director, Advisory Talent Acquisition

Lakehouse is totally devoted to you. You will be immersed in a beautiful location designed and customized by KPMG specifically for your personal and professional development. All of the typical hassles of business travel, from local transportation to hotel check-in to finding decent restaurants, are eliminated. The food is great at all the different venues, and there are so many places to socialize, exercise, and find balance for yourself. The Lakehouse experience is very easy and seamless; every aspect of your visit has been so well conceived. It is an enabling environment: it enables you to think freely, communicate openly, and collaborate effectively. From larger meeting rooms to break-out sessions, Lakehouse gives the ability to scale up and contract your settings as needed, and you are always connected to your office whether you are walking with a colleague to grab a coffee or sitting by the lake with your lapotop.

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