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Joining KPMG provides an opportunity to experience all that KPMG Lakehouse has to offer. It is a space designed for you with a focus on shared purpose and belonging. It exemplifies our commitment to the growth and development of our people and the firm. KPMG Lakehouse is intentionally crafted to inspire you to innovate, collaborate, build your network, and stretch beyond your normal routine.

Experienced and executive talent at KPMG Lakehouse

University talent at KPMG Lakehouse


Senior talent at KPMG Lakehouse

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be inspired

Lakehouse is a place for learning and development like you’ve never seen before. From its spectacular vistas to its activated corridors that highlight KPMG’s history and culture, every inch of Lakehouse was built with you in mind. Connect and collaborate with peers, and prepare to meet new challenges with greater passion and purpose. Senior talent, along with the most senior teams, will be inspired to pursue unconventional ideas and novel solutions to take KPMG to the next level.

Be an innovator

Lakehouse is a place for transformation and innovation, and we leverage the talent of our people in tangible ways to benefit both internal teams and clients. Harness the power of self-discovery as you connect and share stories, diverse perspectives, and varied experiences. Be an innovator at our Ignition Center, where you meet with clients to explore potential disruptors, new business models, and breakthrough solutions. Build rapport and tighten bonds with teams and clients throughout the firm.

Be inspired at Lakehouse


University talent at KPMG Lakehouse

Be inspired at Lakehouse

Be challenged

Build skills, develop new capabilities, and chart your short-term and long-term success at Lakehouse. Collaborate in learning sessions in state-of-the-art spaces led by subject matter professionals using the latest innovation technologies and immersive learning techniques. Be part of our Heads Up culture—a central tenet that guides how we live and work.

Be empowered

You have unique skills, strengths, and talents, and we are proud to foster a high-performance culture to leverage those abilities. Strengthening that culture depends on talented, highly capable people as diverse as the clients we serve and the communities in which we live and work. The spirit of collaboration cultivated at Lakehouse with ambitious, like-minded interns is the essence of your learning experience. Gain the confidence you need to make critical decisions, lead inclusively, and build your career.

Be inspired at Lakehouse

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