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Do insurers have COVID-19 covered?

What are the implications of COVID-19 for the insurance industry? And what longer-term trends might the outbreak serve to usher in for the future.

COVID-19: Pandemic planning as part of an overall resilience strategy

KPMG has published the following checklist pertaining to COVID-19 that details actions organizations can take to help build business continuity plans.

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Insurance topics

Operational Excellence in Insurance

KPMG and ACORD, a global insurance industry standards-setting body, recently completed a survey focused on the challenges and opportunities insurers face with respect to improving operational efficiency.

IFRS 17 amendments | Final topics analyzed

The last discussions in the redeliberation process for amendments to IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts have brought further clarity on how the new standard will be applied.

The new claims organization

Insurers are creating a "purpose-driven" claims approach to deliver exceptional customer experience and operational efficiency.

The automation transformation

Successfully charting the course ahead with intelligent automation.

Organizational considerations for insurtech partnerships

Organizational considerations on how insurers can get the most out of insurtech partnerships and how to prepare their organization for success.

Mind the Gap

A series depicting the leadership journeys of women in financial services

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