Moving our people forward

By Becky Sproul

Our people drive KPMG's success. Today, we are focused on continuing to modernize our audit and reimagine our use of technology, centralized services and the Next Generation of audit skills to enhance audit quality and drive productivity.

As highlighted in our recent Audit Quality Report, this means focusing on doing right by our people. In the early days of the health crisis, KPMG formed a Pandemic Response Committee to oversee all aspects of our actions. Our Values guided our decisions, and we supported one another through some trying months.

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Today and longer term, we’re focused on our bright future ahead and empowering our people to own their careers and proactively develop skills that will be the hallmark of next-gen auditors.

KPMG accelerated the implementation of new approaches to how we work to quickly adapt to changes brought on by COVID-19 in three distinct ways:

1) Our professionals received more than 250,000 hours of training delivered through the Roadmap Learning series.

The series recreated our in-person training experience by packaging self-study, on-the-job and instructor-led training opportunities into a self-paced virtual experience. This comprehensive, multi-layered approach ensures our professionals don't miss key areas of training, such as auditing requirements and accounting standards, innovation, data & analytics and emerging technologies.

2) We’ve given our people the technology tools they need to work together and deliver quality audits.

The Virtual Audit Room creates a one-stop shop to bring back that feeling of working on a team. It helps integrate new hires, making it easier to ask questions, and helps senior team members coach and mentor them along their learning curve. Getting together in a room, even a virtual one, brings back natural, real-time feedback and socialization.

3) Most importantly, we’re taking steps to develop a broad and diverse talent pool.

We want more individuals from underrepresented groups to choose KPMG as their employer of choice where they can build their careers and advance into leadership positions. Accelerate 2025, our program to drive diversity and inclusion, addresses how we recruit, develop, retain and promote people from underrepresented groups from top to bottom. We know there is work to do and we are focused and excited about accelerating that work.

These three actions capture a commitment to rethink our work structure to match our new reality and support our people. We are also deploying a new, virtual recruiting strategy and technology platform and transitioning to an open application process. To foster work-life balance in the remote environment, we have encouraged our people to build flexibility into working hours by considering a reduced work schedule, or even taking a sabbatical.

Overall, these approaches to supporting and strengthening our workforce will foster stronger diversity of thoughts and skills, professional skepticism, technical aptitude and personal accountability. With these priorities, our Audit professionals will drive audit quality and set the standard for the industry.

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