Internships: Unlocking opportunities and potential

By Miriam Hernandez-Kakol

At KPMG, our commitment to inclusion and diversity is embedded in our values and influences everything we do, including how we attract and develop next-generation leaders, like our interns. Our internships have historically focused on strengthening the workforce, starting with our own pipeline by introducing top talent to our firm, having them work alongside our extraordinary people and experience our strong culture to eventually recruit them into our ranks. As our collaboration with NAF has grown over the years, we have also broadened our mindset – recognizing that internships provide transformative opportunities to unlock human potential while bringing diverse talent to our firm.

We know that education and work-based learning are essential to professional and personal growth; and as an employer, we believe that in order to develop a strong and diverse talent pool, we must help create it. For this reason, we’re reinforcing our commitment to offer internships to high school students – providing youth from under-represented populations equitable access to valuable experiences in professional services, consulting and public accounting.

We are so proud to be recognized with the 2020 NAF Internship Champion Award and we look forward to building the next generation of future-ready leaders. 

Certainly COVID-19 has reshaped our plans for the summer and our internships look much different this year, but at KPMG, we view this as an opportunity to innovate – rethinking and transforming the internship experience. Working side-by-side with NAF, and our clients Verizon and Capital One, we’ve created a unique virtual internship experience. We are particularly excited to engage with these interns on critical topics of inclusion and equity, and along with our clients, bring leaders to the interns for an “Executive Fireside Chat”. Together, we are guided by our values – respecting each other and drawing strength from our differences, leading with empathy and ensuring all voices are heard and represented. Now more than ever, we need to support and enable learning, especially critical internship programs designed to create opportunity and equity. This is why the KPMG U.S. Foundation has provided funding to NAF for another three years of programming, with a focus on supporting work-based learning programs.


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