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By Rob Arning

The heart, soul and strength of our firm comes from our extraordinary people.  We are committed to working together, for better, always willing to come to the aid of one another, our clients and stakeholders, and the communities where we live and work. Whether it is raising money for a worthy cause, volunteering to help run a charitable event, or coordinating a joint effort with our clients to benefit the local community, our people care deeply and devote their time generously. Honoring and celebrating this spirit of giving, KPMG Community Impact and the KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc. teamed up to launch a new Community Impact Grants program. 

Employees were encouraged to nominate nonprofit organizations they were personally involved with and supported for grant consideration. Soon after the submission period opened, we were faced with COVID-19 and the massive challenges that came with it. While everything we knew had suddenly changed, our giving spirit remained constant and strong. We received over 1,400 submissions for Community Impact Grants and through the support of the KPMG U.S. Foundation, we have funded over 800 applications in 2020. 

The nonprofits benefitting from these grants included 64 food pantries and other organizations that address issues of food insecurity in many communities, which increased as a result of the pandemic. Addressing issues of racial equity, grants were made to organizations such as Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Krimson and Kreme Foundation. Education and mentoring are also critical to developing and empowering our youth and an area KPMG has always passionately invested in and supported, with a particular focus on serving underrepresented populations. Grants were provided to organizations like Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters and others dedicated to building tomorrow’s leaders.

Other grants went to organizations focused on health and wellness education and research, veteran services and support, LGBTQ+ programs, animal welfare, and so many others. An overwhelming desire to make a positive difference is central to the KPMG employee experience and rooted in our core values.   We not only encourage our employees to bring their whole, authentic selves to work, we strive to actively support and recognize what matters to them most.

For more information, please contact Joy Belgiovine. You can also visit KPMG’s COVID-19 site for additional resources.

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