Want to create a purpose-driven culture? Give back.

KPMG's corporate citizenship and market development leader says smart companies harness the talents and passions of their people to serve society.

By Rebecca Rickert

“Want to do well – and engage your workforce? Well, do good,” says Rob Arning, KPMG’s head of corporate citizenship.

Don’t believe him? Follow the numbers. When companies adopted socially responsible environmental, civic or governance practices, share prices jumped by an average of 4.4 percent in a year, according to a report that links financial benefits to corporate social performance.


Rob Arning, Head of Corporate Citizenship at KPMG, shares his views on the importance of corporate citizenship.

But, the case for corporate citizenship is about more than just business alignment. Organizations have a responsibility, and opportunity, to tap into their skills and resources to serve society. It’s that philosophy that has guided Arning’s approach to citizenship at KPMG, and in his capacity as Vice Chair of Market Development and as Chair of KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc.’s Board of Directors. He’ll tell you that smart companies harness the talents and passions of their people to give back – a virtuous circle well worth the investment to build relationships, improve communities, and create purpose-driven cultures.

KPMG’s longtime citizenship mission has been to inspire lifelong learning, which drives its community investment decisions. “Education is one of the most important catalysts for addressing formidable societal issues, including income disparity and youth unemployment,” says Arning.

Arning is a respected voice on a wide range of business topics and is especially knowledgeable about:

Corporate Citizenship – How does doing good do well for your business? Arning can discuss how citizenship efforts can be the backbone of a company’s culture by harnessing the power of talent and making significant impact with employees, clients and the communities you serve.

Client experience – What make a great client experience? As consumers we all know what a good client experience feels like. But what are the attributes that companies must have in order to win over their clients? Arning can share KPMG research on the qualities of a customer centric organization and his personal stories working with c-Suite executives at Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years.

Relationships Matter – In Arning’s experience, strong relationships bring dividends. Learn how investing and deepening relationships can not only help your companies’ bottom line but propel your personal and professional development. As a successful business executive, Arning will share his secrets to relationship management.


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Robert Arning

Robert Arning

KPMG Foundation Chairman, KPMG US


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