Future Ready: Data is the new gold

By Kristen Morgan

For the 21st Century Enterprise, data is the most significant intangible asset, powering new technologies and an ecosystem of third-parties providing everything-as-a-service.

But these approaches are only as strong as the underlying data feeding them.

According to Traci Gusher-Thomas, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions principal, “any given organization has 80 percent or more of its data locked up as unstructured or ‘dark’ data,” making it difficult to analyze and gain insights.

 “The amount of value sitting in that dark data is tremendous. Data is the new gold and our clients are struggling with how to mine it,” says Jorge Blanco, Advisory principal.

That is especially true when considering new business models that allow any company – regardless of size or industry – to be more nimble and scale infinitely faster. By accessing services rather than growing internal functions and infrastructure, and by capitalizing on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 21st Century Enterprises can generate insights from massive amounts of data to improve business operations and transform customer experience.

“When you think about the Everything-as-a-Service model, the huge dividend is how you use the output of data from the service for optimization and new insights,” says Blanco. “This is our real opportunity to help clients.”

In our latest installment of Future Ready, Gusher-Thomas and Blanco discuss how the 21st Century Enterprise unlocks value from nontraditional assets — such as data, alliances, and networks — and subscribes to services instead of building up internal infrastructure.


For additional information or to arrange an interview with Traci Gusher-Thomas, Jorge Blanco or other leaders at KPMG, please contact Kristen Morgan.

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Kristen Morgan

Kristen Morgan

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Traci Gusher-Thomas

Traci Gusher-Thomas

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Jorge Blanco

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