Seven Key Takeaways From the Third KPMG American Worker Survey

American workers want more holistic offers from their employers as they reassess their work-life balance, loyalty to their organizations and what they expect from their employers, according to the new KPMG American worker survey of more than 2250 employees in the U.S. across multiple industries.

“The data from the third KPMG American worker survey demonstrate that employees are entering a stage of ‘Great Reconsideration’,” said Felicia Lyon, Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP. “It’s about what drives employees most when it comes to work and life. It makes sense that demands and happiness are factors in how strongly this is taking hold.”

There are seven key takeaways from this year’s survey:

1.     The "Great Reconsideration" is underway.

The ‘Great Reconsideration’ is what drives American workers most when it comes to work and life.

  • 62% of the American workers surveyed said that the demands of their jobs have increased over the past year, while 33% indicated that happiness at work has decreased.
  • 34% of the workforce reported that their desire to stay at their current organization had decreased; 31% agreed that they are actively thinking of leaving their organization.

2.     Remote work is important, but not the universal remedy.

Even though remote work is important to many, there is also a desire to engage in experiences at the office.

  • 24% of survey respondents indicated that having no opportunity for remote work would make them want to leave their organization.
  • 56% would like to see their organization provide more remote work.
  • 23% want to work remotely, with some days in the office/on premise; 23% want to be mostly in the office/on premise with some remote work.

3.     Balance and benefits help.

Work-life balance is about finding work-life harmony — work needs to be seamlessly part of a much bigger picture of life.

  • 90% of American workers indicated that work-life balance is an important factor when looking for a new employer or career opportunity.
  • For 36%, the inability to maintain a healthy work-life balance would make them want to leave their organization.
  • 52% will continue at their organization if they have a good or competitive benefits package.

4.     American workers want clear pathways.

American workers want to know that they have career opportunities within their organizations as well as the chance to learn and grow.

  • 55% of American workers said that they are provided adequate, diverse career path opportunities into lateral and upward roles; 58% of fully or partially remote workers agree with this, compared with 52% of fully or mostly in-office/on-premise workers.

5.     Digital has yet to deliver.

Technology investment and digital transformation have rapidly swept through the workforce but may not be delivering the maximum possible return.

  • 72% of survey respondents said their organizations provide modern digital tools and other technology to enable them to be more productive, but only 42% say that their personal productivity has significantly or somewhat increased in the past year.

6.  Purpose is clear, connection weaker.

When American workers understand the vision of the organization and their role in reaching it, their engagement will be greater than those who do not.

  • 83% of survey respondents understood how their job contributes to their organization reaching its strategy and goals.
  • 36% of American workers said that feeling disrespected at work is a top reason to leave their organization.

7.  More can be done on ESG.

The engagement American workers have with their organization can be impacted by how they feel about their organizations’ ESG activities, particularly around climate change, as well as Diversity & Inclusion.

  • 72% of the American workers said that it is important for their organization to respond to ESG issues.
  • However, only 58% said that the effort their organization puts toward ESG activities is making an impact on society.

About the survey

In May and June of 2022, KPMG polled more than 2250 American workers across multiple industries about topics such as work preferences, work-life balance expectations and job satisfaction.

To obtain more information about the third KPMG American worker survey or arrange an interview with Felicia Lyon, please contact Andreas Marathovouniotis. 


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