Same-minute shipping coming sooner than you think

By Matt Weiss

Imagine a future where same-minute shopping and delivery is actually possible. A future where with the push of a button an autonomous delivery vehicle or bot arrives right on time for those last-minute holiday gift deliveries. Seems too good to be true, right?

KPMG predicts the development of autonomous delivery vehicles will revolutionize the current consumer e-commerce environment, drive consumer demand for more and faster deliveries and lead to an entirely new product delivery ecosystem for shoppers and buyers of goods and services.

“E-commerce has been a tremor, but autonomous delivery vehicles now represent an earthquake of a magnitude not seen before,” said Gary Silberg, (@slfdriveSilberg) KPMG’s Automotive sector leader. “For consumers the delivery experience will go from next-day to same-day to next-hour to even next-minute!”

Autonomous delivery vehicle miles traveled 

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Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss

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Gary Silberg

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