Betting on This Year’s “Big Game” Will Be Different

As sports betting goes mainstream, Rick Arpin, KPMG U.S. Gaming Leader, writes gaming companies should address three important areas to help ensure sustainability of the industry.

This year’s “Big Game” will be like no other. For the first time, fans in 30 states will have access to legal betting on the game. That’s up from 21 states last year and just four in 2018, when most of the action came from Nevada. And for the first time ever, the world knows (going into the game) that a future edition will be played in Las Vegas (in 2024), a factor that only a decade ago would seem completely unlikely.

At first, the expansion of sports betting seemed like a novelty contained within the sports world. Now, it is ubiquitous and essentially normalized. Consider the casual commentary about sports betting discussed regularly on game broadcasts.

Whether these trends are good or bad will depend in part on your perspective. Research indicates the vast majority of Americans believe that sports betting should be allowed and regulated.1

A central question for the industry in the United States is how to behave in this new normal and ensure long-term sustainability.

KPMG’s Arpin discusses three major areas gaming companies should look to address:

  1. Customer journey
  2. Collaboration on responsible gaming
  3. Leveraging technology for player protection

To learn more about the importance of these three areas of focus, read Rick’s recent LinkedIn article.

To arrange an interview to discuss this topic further in advance of February 13th’s game, please contact Matt Weiss. You can read more KPMG insights into the gaming industry here.

1 Source: American Gaming Association, “American Attitudes on Casino Gaming 2021,” September 2021.

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