Three ways for businesses to thrive amid disruption

By Miriam Hernandez-Kakol

Three-quarters of CEOs want to lead disruption in their sector, but most are struggling to respond effectively to the pace of change. To thrive and grow in this volatile world, organizations need to build stronger connections between customers and experiences, talent and technology, data and decision-making, and inputs and outcomes.

While on the path to becoming 21st-century enterprises, organizations are unremittingly confronted with challenges in aligning current business operations across the entirety of the enterprises to deliver efficient, singular customer experiences. 

When we consult our clients, KPMG’s Connected, Powered and Trusted  approach repeatedly provides this industry-driven and customer-centric business model. The focus is on a customer centric enterprise wide approach that drives the roadmap necessary to digitally transform your business from front middle to back office. A new KPMG alliance with Salesforce, will enable scaling the Salesforce platform and cross-cloud solutions for these client journeys.

When consulting clients on their customer promise, here are the top three concepts for consideration using a Connected, Powered and Trusted approach:

  • Connect your enterprise for value
    Rebuild your business around your customers to create a borderless, future-ready organization, where advanced data and analytics drive better decision-making, people and technology interact for maximum performance and efficiency, and you stay ahead of the curve through continuous, agile innovation

  • Power your business
    Create a nimble, scalable business. Harness the latest technologies, leading business practices, advanced tools and proven solutions for a smarter, faster path to the right operating model.

  • Win the trust, secure the edge
    Step up from passive security management to active and insight-driven risk optimization . Now you can predict, mitigate and profit from the threats your business faces in a volatile world. You earn and deserve the consumer trust that drives brand loyalty and you build a solid platform for rolling innovation.

This week at Salesforce Dreamforce, we are discussing a connected customer experience with our clients, third parties and others to help them see how the idea of connection, empowerment and trust can guide their journeys to potentially yield twice the value for their businesses.

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