Why customers have the power in digital transformation

By Michael Herman

In the age of the customer, it’s clear who has the power. Organizations need to become more customer-centric and compete on the basis of customer experience, which means ensuring agility and curiosity.

For the tech-enabled customer, experience is table stakes. Customers expect a consistent, effortless experience. In order for organizations to consistently exceed these expectations, companies have to align their own operations into a seamless enterprise that aligns the whole business to focus on the customer. The shift in processes will ultimately transform every transaction, function and relationship of the organization on a single purpose, harnessing the power and potential to fuel profitable and sustainable growth.


KPMG’s digital approach focuses on integrating the front, middle, and back office functions, bringing together the deep industry and functional experience. This week, as we discuss customer experience excellence at Salesforce Dreamforce, both KPMG and Salesforce are seeing increased demand by clients and customers to move rapidly to a multi-cloud environment to meet rising customer expectations.  

We share a vision of a connected enterprise where our mutual clients will benefit from KPMG’s industry expertise and accelerated business results by designing, enabling, aligning and integrating the front and middle office into the broader enterprise. When combined with the power of Salesforce, our clients will have the ability to realize that connected enterprise of people, process and technology on one integrated CRM platform.

With this enhanced focus on marketing, sales, service, commerce, and supply chains, organizations can ultimately evolve their customer connections and enable a better customer experience. As we talk to clients we found some of the important things to remember on the client journey are:

  • Understanding today’s connected customer is fundamental to serving them appropriately.
  • Defining and delivering the right customer experience is a value creation imperative.
  • Harnessing innovative tools and technologies is a must.

It’s important to know how companies need to transform their own experiences to foster greater customer loyalty and create sustainable growth for the future.

This week at Salesforce Dreamforce, Michael Herman and other KPMG leaders are discussing the correlation between customer loyalty and sustainable growth for the futurecustomer experience excellence. For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Christine Curtin or Stephanie Trefcer..


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The Connected Experience – U.S. Customer Experience Excellence Report 

More information about the global findings of the survey can be found in the “Customer First. Customer Obsessed” report. 

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