Cyber security a top risk management concern

By Elizabeth Lynch

In an environment of rapid technology changes and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, cyber security is a top concern for audit committees and boards. A KPMG survey of more than 200 U.S. audit committee members found that the three biggest challenges their companies face in managing cyber security risk are:

  • Third parties and supply chains
  • Keeping technology systems up to date
  • Cyber talent and expertise

Sixty percent of survey respondents said their audit committee has responsibility for oversight of cyber security. Yet, the financial, legal, and reputational implications of a major cyber breach continue to elevate cyber security to a board-level discussion as a broader risk management issue.

As new technology continues to disrupt business models, the growing prevalence of the Internet of Things, along with the convenience and efficiency new mobile apps and devices, are moving organizations toward a whole new level of cyber and data security risk.

“While oversight varies by company and industry, audit committee members should ask for regular updates on cyber strategy, preparedness and response plans,” said Jose R. Rodriguez, leader of KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute. “They can help ensure the board has access to the information and expertise it needs to be comfortable about the company’s efforts to protect its most valuable information and assets.”

The audit committee should work with the chief audit executive to help identify the risks that pose the greatest threat to the company’s reputation, strategy, and operations and help ensure that internal audit is focused on those risks and related controls.

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Jose R. Rodriguez

Jose R. Rodriguez

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