A solid data foundation is critical for digital transformation

KPMG forms strategic alliance with Databricks to help put data at the center of business strategy

Data drives real digital transformation and companies benefit from using data, analytics, and AI solutions to drive innovation and collaboration at all stages of a transformation journey. According to the recent KPMG US Innovation Study: Enterprise Innovation: The Vision-Execution Gap, 46% of digital leaders say tech partnerships are actually the most impactful innovation driver in the next year.

So, in order to help leaders simplify, unify and process the immense amount of data needed to make impactful decisions, KPMG is working with companies like Databricks to provide platforms that can manage data across multiple systems and complicated processes.

Using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, our combined teams can help organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data teams on an open, scalable platform for all of their data-driven needs. The open data management architecture combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to foster collaboration and optimized analysis. We help companies use technology like the lakehouse platform to develop a future-state roadmap, driven by data, that incorporates the overall business vision of the customer.

Databricks’ unifying technology is also a key enabler for a more engaging and seamless customer experience, and a cornerstone for KPMG frameworks like KPMG Modern Data Platform, KPMG Ignite, and KPMG Ambient Data Management. These tested approaches and methodologies are designed to accelerate data analytics initiatives and turn data ecosystems into a common data model, regardless of the complexity or diversity of the underlying environment.

Providing new capabilities and tailored industry solutions for companies is integral to how KPMG advances the digital transformation journey. Unlocking the power of a data platform like the Databricks Lakehouse Platform in order to make a company more efficient, mitigate risk, or create innovative new opportunities is at the core of creating a true, modern data-driven enterprise.

To learn more about KPMG data solutions and the alliance relationship with Databricks, click here.

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