KPMG Ignition Deploys A Private LTE, 5G-Ready, Network

5G-ready private network creates an environment for experimentation

KPMG today announced its 5G-ready private cellular network, creating an environment in KPMG’s Ignition Center to experiment and collaborate with our professionals and clients in a controlled environment. This private network creates an environment in KPMG for clients and professionals to leverage next generation wireless networks to drive innovation for their own business purposes.

While 5G is top of mind for consumers, we’ll see the full power of the network through business applications, said Greg Corlis, principal in KPMG’s Emerging Technology sector. KPMG Ignition enables a safe and controlled collaborative test environment where businesses can experiment and explore new business models and solutions to accelerate their digital transformation leveraging the next generation of private cellular networks.

Leveraging a private network, KPMG can showcase the capabilities and benefits of LTE and 5G as businesses explore the future of their enterprise connectivity including business case development, business process redesign, cloud and network integration, edge computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cyber security and Augmented/Virtual Reality.

“5G ushers in the era of hyper-converged connectivity through a more secure and flexible environment,” noted Sean Sullivan, the National Telecommunications industry leader for KPMG in the U.S. “This will be a foundational building block for enabling Industry 4.0, as well as concepts such as Connected Healthcare, Smart Cities and Digital Government.”





Greg Corlis

Greg Corlis

Internet of Things Leader, KPMG US

+1 404-398-4422

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