KPMG determines intelligent automation directly tied to financial success

By Melanie Batley

For businesses across every industry, there is a strong link between scaling intelligent automation (IA) across the enterprise and positive financial performance.  That’s one of the key findings of a new KPMG International report, “Easing the Pressure Points: The State of Intelligent Automation.”

According to the report’s survey data, investment in IA tech is strong globally with 52 percent of companies confirming investments of more than $10 million, and nearly a third (30 percent) have dedicated over $50 million. At the same time, while 64 percent of the top performing companies surveyed will have scaled IA by 2019, 59 percent of poorly performing companies need another two to five years to achieve IA scale.


“When implemented with a clear vision and integrated approach, IA is propelling businesses, not only with a competitive business edge but financial success,” said Cliff Justice, KPMG principal and U.S. leader of intelligent automation.

That said, the inability to scale is the largest perceived inhibitor to achieving goals. Two-thirds of companies are piloting, moving to production or scaling their IA, but only 17percent of companies have fully scaled IA technologies across their organizations.

"Investment in and adoption of IA technologies are occurring at a rapid pace, but many organizations are struggling to demonstrate significant impact,” said Justice. “Without a holistic digital transformation strategy that underpins IA investments across an entire organization, these projects are stunted in pilot mode and fail to deliver the intended results.”

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News release: Scalability of intelligent automation technologies directly linked to financial performance, KPMG study finds

Download the report: The State of Intelligent Automation

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