2020 vision for the auto industry

Will 2020 be another strong year for automotive sales? Or will global economic pressures begin to take their toll? Will automakers' bets on autonomous and electric vehicles begin to pay off?

Matt Weiss, communications lead for KPMG’s Industrial Manufacturing practice, asked these questions of some of the leading automotive journalists at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Hear directly from the journalists on what they expect in 2020 in the latest episode of KPMG's In The Know podcast.




Keith Naughton, Bloomberg News

“In 2020 we’ll start to see the early returns on some of these big technological bets on autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles.”

(@KeithNaughton) Reporter and Editor at Bloomberg News


Mark Rechtin, MotorTrend

“You can time a recession based on the launch of the Toyota Supra. They start development when cash is flush during a big economic boom. By the time the car comes out, the market is ready to crash. There will be a recession.”

(@MarkRechtin) Executive Editor of MotorTrend


Jamie Butters, Automotive News

“If there’s a year to not predict a recession it’s a presidential election year.”

(@MittenHawk) Chief Content Officer at Automotive News


Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss

Director, Industry Communications, KPMG US

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