Why impact investing is the wave of the future

By Pete Settles

Tania Carnegie, the leader of KPMG’s Impact Ventures practice, sees and feels the momentum building around impact investing, as an increasing number of investors seek to earn both a financial return and generate positive social and environmental impact through their portfolio. Over the past two years, there has been notable growth, in particular, with some of KPMG’s largest clients launching impact funds.

In a new KPMG study on the role of trust in impact investing, Carnegie says a common theme referenced by both fund managers and investors was in order to continue the momentum, they believe building confidence through trust will be a key factor for success.

While all investment relationships are built on trust, many of those who were interviewed for the paper believe that with Impact investments there is an enhanced expectation of trust that goes beyond the typical fiduciary relationship. 

“For investors to invest their money with us, they have to trust that we have a way of delivering great returns and great impact at the same time,” said one industry expert interviewed.

“Rigorous approaches and research around impact investing help investors feel more trust,” said another interviewee.

To learn more, please check out the accompanying video.. You may download KPMG's new report on impact investing below..

If you have questions or would like to speak with Carnegie about impact investing, please contact Pete Settles.


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The role of trust in impact investing

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