Nearly half of Power and Utility CEOs concerned cyber-attacks are imminent

By Megan Dubrowski

Amid an environment where cyber security is under intense scrutiny, power and utilities executives are feeling the pressure.

According to KPMG’s 2018 Global Power & Utilities CEO Outlook, 48 percent of CEOs express concern that becoming the victim of a cyber-attack is a matter of “when” and not “if.”


"Technology has created incredible opportunities in the P&U sector, but also opened the door for significant cyber threats," said Regina Mayor, Global Sector Head, Energy and Natural Resources, for KPMG. "If left unaddressed, these risks have the potential to cripple an entire organiztion."

Not all CEOs seem confident about their readiness to manage a major cyber event. In the survey, just over half, 58 percent, of the CEOs said they feel prepared in their ability to identify new cyber threats.

In the event of a cyber-attack, 68 percent feel they can manage external stakeholders, and 63 percent are confident they can contain the impact on strategic operations.

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