Partnerships key to accelerating growth

By Stephanie Trefcer

In the 2018 KPMG U.S. CEO Outlook, CEO’s feel the top three strategies for achieving growth are: alliances with third parties, M&A, and organic growth. According to S. Singh Mecker, KPMG’s Alliance leader, there are two reasons alliances is #1 on that priority list.

  • Time-to-market. Unlike M&A or organic growth, alliances offer the ability to move much faster – with less disruption to the organization – to capture growth opportunities in new markets an organization couldn’t do otherwise.
  • Disruption. With the emergence of ground-breaking technology at breakneck speed, business models are evolving faster than ever.  To stay ahead of the competition, leaders need to bring innovative solutions to customers.  This often requires combining the best of what they have to offer, with complementary capabilities from a set of partners to stay ahead of the game.

Mecker advises on how to make an alliance partnerships successful in order to accelerate innovation in an organization and enhance market brand and positioning. He will say the best alliance partnerships bring deep capabilities in complementary areas between alliance partners. It’s also increasingly important that the work be done collaboratively and creatively with the client.

Mecker is a respected voice on a wide range of business topics and is especially knowledgeable about:

  • Digital Transformation 
  • Technology Enablement   
  • Digital Supply Chain

In his role as Head of Strategic Alliances in the U.S. for KPMG, he has responsibility for KPMG’s firm-wide alliance portfolio across Tax and Advisory, developing relationships with market leading technology, content and services organizations, overseeing the launch of new alliances and associated sales enablement and go-to-market programs to develop pipeline and support sales pursuits.

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Stephanie Trefcer

Stephanie Trefcer

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S. Singh Mecker

S. Singh Mecker

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