Rising to the challenge of protecting consumer data privacy

Consumers “presume” an expectation their data is safeguarded when they give firms “permission” to obtain it in return for various benefits.

By Christopher Bacey


Nearly 80 percent of the U.S. population uses some type of digital platform, underscoring the growing importance of consumer data privacy protection.

Consumers are willing to give companies permission to harness their data, but the presumption is that these companies will protect and use it appropriately
Julio J. Hernandez

With concerns about the privacy of the data consumers provide every day to companies via online shopping, social media, web site registrations and other channels, Julio J. Hernandez, KPMG’s global Customer Center of Excellence and U.S. Customer Advisory Practice lead, offers some perspective on “permission” and “presumption” when it comes to consumer data privacy protection.

“Consumers give permission to companies to obtain their data and, in many cases, they provide it willingly in return for benefits such as early alerts of sales and other promotional offers, as well as a more personalized shopping experience,” he says. “In return, there is a presumption on the part of the customers/consumers that their data will be handled judiciously and prudently – and safeguarded.”

“All of the new technologies available, including social/digital media and data and analytics, allow businesses to understand and engage consumers in ways that were not possible just a few years ago,” Hernandez added. “However, when companies don’t adopt the right mix of tools and best practices to collect and manage their customers’ data in the right way – they not only fail their customers, but themselves as well.”

Julio Hernandez is available for comment on best practices and insights into consumer behavior, customer engagement, the customer experience and more. To speak with Julio, contact Christopher Bacey of KPMG Corporate Communications.


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