Protecting data in the cloud

Tony Buffomante says leaders across an organization should take responsibility for protecting data and enabling their business.

By Michael Rudnick


Companies are increasingly using the cloud to house information – much of it highly sensitive. In fact, 90 percent of information security professionals classify more than half of their cloud data as sensitive. But few are taking steps to appropriately manage risk and compliance requirements.

That’s according to a recent study by Oracle and KPMG, whose findings indicate to Tony Buffomante, KPMG’s U.S. cyber security leader, a need for a change in thinking about how information in the cloud should be protected and who should be responsible for securing it.



Buffomante advises organizations on how to protect their information, prevent cyber-attacks and limit the negative impacts of those attacks. He’ll tell you that as data increasingly migrates the cloud, companies’ leaders – from those in the c-suite to HR to IT- should assert their responsibility for protecting and enabling the business rather than relying on their cloud vendors’ controls to keep the data safe.

Buffomante is a respected voice on a diverse array of business topics and is particularly knowledgeable about:

Cyber strategies, defenses and recovery capabilities to protect businesses and support their growth strategies.

Balancing information protection and accessibility.

Preventing or mitigating the disruption of a cyber event.

In his role as U.S. Leader for Cyber Security Services at KPMG LLP, Buffomante manages and executes cyber security risk assessments, strategies, and implementations for some of the largest global organizations.

To speak with Tony Buffomante, please contact Mike Rudnick from KPMG's Corporate Communications team.

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