Automotive’s new reality: Fewer trips, fewer miles, fewer cars?

KPMG Automotive Leader Gary Silberg discusses new analysis from KPMG’s automotive team suggesting changes in commuting and shopping—more remote work and online shopping—could reduce total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by as much as 270 billion miles.

Podcast overview

In 1960, VMT was 600 billion. By 2019, it was nearly 3 trillion and growing. Then came COVID-19 in 2020. With more Americans working remotely than at any time before, Gary Silberg discusses new research from KPMG’s automotive team suggesting VMT could be reduced by 10 percent or 270 billion miles. What does this mean for the future of car ownership and for automakers? Listen to this edition of Talking Automotive to find out. 

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Gary Silberg

Gary Silberg

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