Place your billion-dollar bets wisely: Powertrain strategies for the post-ICE automotive industry

KPMG’s Automotive Leader Gary Silberg discusses conventional wisdom and the transition to electric vehicles.

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A tsunami of investment—some $200 billion—has hit the industry as automotive start-ups, established automakers and suppliers, even tech companies are betting on a new powertrain king: the battery electric vehicle (BEV). With billions of dollars at stake, KPMG’s Gary Silberg discusses the emerging complex and uncertain automotive landscape.

With hundreds of billions of dollars already invested in the auto industry for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), the conventional wisdom is that the industry will be dominated by BEVs. Is that right? Is this the end of the internal combustion engine (ICE)? Will we see a fragmented industry? Listen to this edition of Talking Automotive to hear what KPMG’s Automotive Leader Gary Silberg says about the conventional wisdom and the transition to electric vehicles. 

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Gary Silberg

Gary Silberg

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Matt Weiss

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