KPMG Voices: Miguel Sagarna

Advisory Partner Miguel Sagarna firmly believes in paying it forward. That’s why when The Armory Foundation called him about an opportunity for collaboration with their college prep program, he did not hesitate to reach out to his colleagues in the New York office to volunteer for events. For the last six years, KPMG has been the top donor for the Team Relay Marathon fundraiser at the Armory, a day of friendly competition among companies. Our professionals have also volunteered for the Uptown Games, a day of races and games for the Inwood, Harlem, and Washington Heights kids at the Armory.

To affirm KPMG’s support for the Armory Foundation, Chair and CEO Paul Knopp and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Elena Richards celebrated our firm’s 125th anniversary on Community Impact Day at the Armory. “One of the highlights of the day was when Paul Knopp announced KPMG’s donation to a college savings account for 30 students,” Miguel said. “The firm will work with the Armory and students and their parents about saving for college.” Every high school student who has attended the Armory Prep program has graduated from a four-year college.

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