Hear our Voices: Elisa Vicuña and Andres Vivas López

In the latest episode of KPMG Voices, we recognize two extraordinary people who care deeply and give back to their communities. Elisa Vicuña is so passionate about soccer that she cofounded a women’s preprofessional soccer team in the Twin Cities. Andres Vivas López brokered a relationship between the Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Spark, an online bookkeeping service, to provide financial boot camps for small business owners.

Elisa and Andres also hold leadership roles in the firm’s Hispanic Latino Business Resource Group. Elisa shares, “One of the biggest benefits for me of being the chapter leader for the HL BRG in the Twin Cities is that it creates a network of people within my local office that share similar values. We all share a very similar background, and it leads to this really great feeling of family.” Andres adds, “In my role leading the Philadelphia chapter, I really work towards building our recruitment pipeline, making sure that we're retaining our best talent and that we're advancing them through their KPMG careers.”

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Elisa and Andres reflect on what the month means to them and their immense pride in each of their rich traditions and culture.

About the Voices series

Through heartwarming and personal testimonials, Voices is a series that tells stories of how KPMG people are making a difference in their communities. For more information, please contact Brandon Hatler on KPMG's Corporate Communications team at bhatler@kpmg.com.


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