Hear our Voices: Ron Shkedi

KPMG’s Ron Shkedi shares how KPMG’s surrogacy benefits helped him build his family.

KPMG recognizes the unique needs of our LGBTQ+ professionals and continues to work towards ensuring health equity for all our people. We are excited about our valuable benefits and the progress made in recent years.

In this episode of KPMG Voices, Ron Shkedi, a director in our Advisory Strategy practice tells the story of how he and his husband were able to take advantage of KPMG’s surrogacy benefits to build their family with their newborn son, Dean.

KPMG celebrates Pride Month this year with a focus on intersectionality, the interconnected nature of our overlapping identities, and the important role allies play. Allyship is at the heart of an inclusive culture and we must all be allies for each other.

KPMG’s LGBTQ+ inclusive benefits are an important part of creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. 


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