High visibility for KPMG's spirit of innovation

By Candace Rivera

KPMG’s innovative spirit was on full display at the Great Place to Work For All Summit held in San Francisco this week.

The conference's theme was "Innovation Ignited by All," and it was attended by 1,200 workplace and business leaders representing 500 global organizations..

KPMG Chairman and CEO Lynne Doughtie joined Fortune senior editor Beth Kowitt on the main stage for a fireside chat on the important role culture plays in driving innovation. Doughtie provided a view into how the broader marketplace is addressing the persistent need for innovation, discussed challenges that large organizations face, and explained how a culture that fosters innovation creates a strategic advantage. 

“Every organization is trying to see around the corner and understand the next disruptor that can either propel their business forward or potentially put them out of business,” said Doughtie.  “In today’s environment, innovation requires collaboration and an ecosystem of business partners to co-create and bring new solutions to the marketplace.”

The summit also honored top innovators and innovative teams, including KPMG’s Mike Nolan, Vice Chair of Innovation & Enterprise Solutions (I&ES).

Nolan was recognized for his leadership in setting a strategic vision for integrating innovative ideas across an organization and advancing our portfolio of service capabilities – including emerging technologies such as intelligent automation, blockchain, and more – that help our clients respond to market disruption.

In the spirit of developing innovative, future leaders, KPMG’s Family for Literacy program donated one book for each attendee of the Summit to children in need in the San Francisco community..

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