KPMG builds social media platform to celebrate nearly 10,000 mentors

By Brandon Hatler

Mentoring has long been a key component of KPMG’s professional development strategy, and the firm consistently recognizes the nearly 10,000 partners and employees who serve as mentors.

For this year’s celebration of National Mentoring Month, KPMG built an internal social media platform and invited KPMGers to post messages thanking those who have made an impact on their career. The #ThankYourMentor campaign has produced an outpouring of several thousand public posts and personal messages to individual mentors.

Some examples:

“… you’ve broadened my understanding…”

“… you provide authentic advice…”

“…you inspire me each and every day…”

 “…you’re a continuous source of support…”

“…you’ve been instrumental in my development…”

From our newest hires all the way up to our Chairman and CEO Lynne Doughtie, the range of participation speaks to the power of these relationships at all levels. Mentoring comes in many forms – colleague to colleague, performance manager to counselee, and even executive to retired partner.

“Having the right mentors and sponsors has been key to my professional advancement,” Doughtie said. “I’ve had several, at every level of my career, and each has helped me shape and navigate my path.”

Rob Jacobo, third from the right, who works in KPMG's Human Resources technology group in Montvale, N.J., with his mentors. "Each of you inspire me to be passionate about our work, to strive for excellence, to elevate each other's development," he wrote on the firm's #ThankYourMentor internal social media platform.

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