KPMG cyber pros teach kids about cyber safety

By Michael Rudnick

In a digital age where children are spending hours online, it is incumbent upon organizations like KPMG, which has a team of professionals with deep cyber security experience, share knowledge with young people to help them to stay safe online.

According to the Children's Internet Study, conducted by The Centre for Cyber Safety and Education, 40 percent of children have connected or chatted with a stranger online; with 53 percent of those children having revealed their phone number to a stranger. Even more concerning, the study found that for those who admit to chatting with strangers online, 11 percent met with a stranger and 6 percent revealed their home address.

Where better for KPMG to interact with young people and share information about cyber safety than in the classroom? The firm just concluded its second annual Cyber Day initiative, a month-long global effort to educate young students about cyber security and internet risk.  Our cyber security professionals in 45 countries led classroom sessions, educating 80,000 young students. The events took place throughout October, which is known as International Cyber Security Awareness Month.

“As a marketing professional in KPMG’s Cyber Security practice and as a parent, I have a personal and professional understanding of the cyber risks that kids face and appreciate the importance of good online habits,” said John Hodson, Associate Director of Marketing for KPMG Cyber Security Services, who led a classroom session at West Ridge Elementary School in Park Ridge, NJ. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to work with schools because educators appreciate why this should be a daily topic of conversation with their students.”

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Michael Rudnick is a member of KPMG’s Corporate Communications team. Please contact him for additional information or to arrange interviews with KPMG Cyber Security professionals.