KPMG focuses on small changes to make big impact on employees’ well-being and resilience

As the world continues to navigate new challenges and adapt to new realities, KPMG has remained committed to using employees’ feedback to find new ways to better their experience. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the firm has employed a continuous listening approach, using regular experience surveys and other feedback channels to stay connected with people and better understand the challenges they’re facing and support they need. Recent survey feedback showed that employees, like so many other workforces across the globe, continue to face challenges around well-being and resilience, with many struggling to maintain energy levels and manage stress. In response, KPMG announced several changes to firm-wide work norms and expectations to help people with energy and time management, including: 

  • Firm-wide “heads-down” time
    To give employees more uninterrupted time to get work done, the firm is blocking off every Wednesday from 2:00pm to 5:30pm ET for focused work, during which non-critical meetings are discouraged. 
  • Camera free Fridays
    Fridays have been designated “camera-free” days. By committing to voice-only meetings every Friday, the firm hopes to provide a more relaxed transition into the weekend and reduce the stress of constantly being tied to a desk to appear on camera. 
  • Shorter meetings
    To reduce the likelihood of back-to-back meetings and free up short chunks of time throughout the day, KPMG made firm-wide changes to calendar settings so 30- and 60-minute blocks automatically default to 25 and 50 minutes. 
  • Morning prep time
    To reduce the occurrence of early-morning meetings that leave people with little time to get ready for the day ahead, the firm pushed the availability window on people’s calendars back an hour. This way they can use this morning block to prepare for the day and catch up on messages or requests that may have come in the night before.

On the new initiatives, Darren H. Burton, Vice Chair of Human Resources, KPMG US, said “We are committed to listening to feedback and finding new ways to help strengthen the well-being and resiliency of our workforce, so our people can more effectively disconnect, recharge, and manage stress. We’re asking everyone to adopt these small but impactful changes and make them the rule versus the exception wherever possible. By working together, in line with our values, we can support one another and enhance our collective and individual work experience.”

KPMG hopes that these energy and time management changes, in conjunction with other well-being and benefits enhancements that were previously introduced, will continue to improve the overall employee experience.

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Darren Burton

Darren Burton

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