KPMG Lakehouse embodies firm’s rich culture and commitment to lifelong learning and innovation

$450 million facility set to open in January 2020 will conduct over one million hours of professional development in its first year

By Matthew Gomez

Orlando will soon be a magnet for KPMG’s 32,000 professionals across the nation who will begin arriving next year for learning experiences that nurture the firm’s spirit of innovation and rich culture.

KPMG anticipates offering more than one million hours of in-person professional development at its $450 million learning, development and innovation center, which will be known as KPMG Lakehouse. It is scheduled to open in January 2020 in Orlando’s master-planned community of Lake Nona.

A place to be inspired, recharge, reconnect and refocus on new challenges and opportunities, KPMG Lakehouse is the cornerstone of a strategic learning transformation at KPMG designed to ensure it will attract and retain the best talent, equip its professionals to help clients meet the challenges of a dynamic marketplace, and support innovation throughout the firm.

KPMG has long been recognized as a premier learning organization. The firm has won awards for innovative programs, and has been inducted in the Training Magazine Top 10 Hall of Fame.

Drawing on advanced technology and a learning model that moves beyond classroom lectures, KPMG Lakehouse will encourage interaction, collaboration, and discovery. Mobile applications will guide learners through each day and maximize the experience—helping with everything from registration, schedules, dining and exercise options, and connecting with fellow learners on site.

Conveniently located just five miles from Orlando International Airport, KPMG Lakehouse will feature 800 single-occupancy guest rooms, 90 learning and innovation spaces, a 1,000-seat assembly hall, and an Ignition Center where professionals can meet with clients to explore potential disruptors, new business models, and breakthrough solutions. The 55-acre site will also include multiple dining areas, a separate social venue and numerous fitness and recreational amenities to support the firm’s focus on health and well-being.

As part of its blended learning focus on training – a mix of in-person and digital learning – up to 800 KPMG partners and professionals will come to the Lakehouse each week for hands-on, collaborative learning experiences.

While digital learning is a core component of KPMG’s award-winning learning model, the firm also recognizes the value of collaborative learning in a site that enables people to step away from office demands to renew their knowledge and skills, reflect on issues and opportunities, and reconnect with colleagues. 

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What our leaders are saying

“KPMG Lakehouse will be a place to foster relationships among colleagues, reinforce our strong culture and heritage, and enhance our ability to deliver innovative, high-quality service to our clients. The Lakehouse is a key component of our evolving learning and development strategy.”
--Lynne Doughtie, Chairman and CEO, KPMG U.S.
“Classroom design supported by the latest technology is aimed at sparking creativity. KPMG Lakehouse will also feature its own state-of-the-art Ignition Center where we can meet with clients to explore disruptors, new business models, and breakthrough solutions.”
--Laura Newinski, Vice Chair, Operations, KPMG U.S.
“Figuratively and literally, we are putting the learner at the center. We’re designing learning experiences to fully engage our professionals, and creating an environment that will support their active exploration of new ideas.”
--Corey Munoz, Chief Learning Officer, KPMG U.S.
“Retraining and continuous professional development of employees are incredibly important. High-performing, solid employees are a better bet than recruiting and integrating new employees into an organization. It is an important role of employers in the world today to retrain people, and to continue to provide them with new career opportunities.”
--Darren H. Burton, Vice Chair, Human Resources, KPMG U.S.

Matthew Gomez

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