Cyber Poses Greatest Risk and Operational Priority for Tech Companies

—   Navigating the “Great Resignation” and fierce competition for talent a key challenge

—   Companies investing across skills, culture and technology solutions to build resilient organizations

Technology companies provided the products and services that both powered digital transformation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed the wheels of global industry to keep turning. However, this digital acceleration also caused an explosion in the number of potential cyber vulnerability points due to an immediately virtual workforce, increased cloud adoption, hastily reworked supply chains and new business partnerships. The rapid integration of new technologies also created an avalanche of new data to be stored and protected.

While some of these trends were already underway, the pandemic dramatically accelerated them, and technology companies were forced to react quickly like all other sectors.

In this new reality, technology company CEOs rank cyber risk as the greatest threat to their organization’s growth over the next three years, higher than even supply chain disruption, emerging technologies, climate change or talent risk. They also cite cyber security resiliency as their most important operational priority.

People and technology both play critical roles in cyber defense. Amid a war for talent and the “Great Resignation” seen across the economy, organizations are faced with a central challenge and question of how can they find highly demanded skills in this environment and protect their companies?”

One step is “human firewalling” and building the right culture. Others are looking to retrain/upskill the talent that already exists within their four walls and investing in new technologies.

To learn more, read Technology Companies Lean on Cyber to go Faster and Gain Trust.

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